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We pride ourselves in delivery exceptional customer services providing digital marketing and SEO services.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has proven to be an efficient means of reaching out to prospects and increasing conversions. At MAR Consulting, we take our time to understand the need for implementing this strategy, after which we put in our expertise to cause good results. While some businesses need marketing to cause more targeted traffic and improve their brand recognition, others want to increase their online presence and local search. However, in all, most organizations need improved sales. We channel our expertise to every client’s need, making sure we define the objectives, find the best approach and deliver efficiently.


Continually grow and make your offerings visible on search engines with our SEO service. Search engine optimization seems to be a herculean task for many companies, and that is why you need an experienced digital partner. MAR Consulting is an expert digital marketing and SEO services firm with years of experience in driving traffic to websites and making businesses appear on search engines. We offer SEO programs, audits, tools and consultancy to give you the best service that takes you up on search results. With our time-conscious service delivery and track record of success, we help you with amazing SEO results that take you up on search results.

Digital Marketing and SEO Services

Local Business Listing

Updating your listings across many listing sites helps you increase your visibility on searches. But then; you need an expert team to help you with local business listings in online directories. We provide efficient Google My Business listing, Bing for Business listing and other critical listing full services. Local business listings make your business searchable and gain credible position on the internet. At MAR Consulting, we don’t just help you get your businesses listed; we help you update your listings so they don’t translate to other websites. We assist you to select the online directories that suit your offering, list your business locally and update it, as well keep you informed about the time changes. We also help you control the data search engines receive and make them consistent. With our proficiency in listing businesses locally and updating them, we stand out as the perfect fit for your business.


Every business being promoted and listed online has citations, but there is more to that. Having search engines evaluate your authority determines the efficacy of your citations and the position of your business. Our team of SEO and digital marketers know how to execute your business citations to make Google rank your business. We only offer relevant citations where necessary, and that makes search engines pick your NAP (business Name, Address and Phone number) to show searchers. We advocate and practice consistency when it comes to business citations, and that makes us the go-to choice for firms that know the need for citations.

Web Design

Virtually all businesses need a responsive, functional, and easy-to-navigate website to improve their activities. MAR Consulting understands the need for responsive sites for businesses, and that makes us help our clients from conception, through the rigorous stages and strategies to ensure we deliver topnotch website development services. We design, develop and host premium sites for startups, associations, individual, government and already-established firms. Our developers have been practicing in the industry for years and knows what it takes to code and design responsive websites that meet the individual needs of our clients. With a clear understanding of the difference between website development and website designs, we can work on each and give you the cumulative best result.

Content Management

In a world of social and mobile trending, you need a perfect content management system for your brand. We help you locate contents that are necessary for making informed business decisions, as well manage your contents. Our expert digital and website building services lets you manage and have control over your website pages, blog posts, photos, and edit your contents in a manner that suits you. You can keep your visitors engaged on your site, as well attract new ones only when you churn out fresh and engaging contents. We implement top class website content management solutions by providing content management systems with the customized database, making it easier to manage your web contents.


Reputation Management

We know how negative reviews can affect any business despite its efficacy. Consequently, we offer complete online management reputation solutions to any business to improve online presence, individually address and resolve with unhappy customers all negative reviews, enhance and improve the positive reviews. Our reputation repair and protection services ensure that you stay on top of your game with the best online value. We shape the public’s perception of your business, making you appear as the best choice they can ever make in your industry. We implement public relation campaigns and other proven ways to manage your online reputation.

We are here for you as a digital marketing and SEO services firm eager to get your brand recognized in your local area. While we focus on your business area, there will come a time our digital marketing and SEO services will provide global brand recognition for your business.